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Quality Pre-Screened Candidates
We understand that job-seekers come to us not only for a job but for an opportunity to realize their professional dreams. We get to know them. We want to be certain that they have the right skills and the right attitude to succeed.
Flexible Enough To Work To Your Requirements
We get it. We are all busy. Trying to find that perfect match is impossible when you already have so much to do. Tell us what you want, and how, and we will deliver.
Find The Right Fit
Our candidate screening process is pretty robust. An in-depth candidate questionnaire and personal interviews allow us to really understand our candidates. We don’t represent everyone. We look for quality candidates who demonstrate the key attributes that you need.


HR Consulting

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While you may know us for recruitment we offer an extensive range of HR solutions from payroll and benefits to conflict management and succession planning.


International Talent Program

International talent program is AzureHR’s major business. Employing AzureHR’s worldwide resources, we achieve success in helping our clients resolve their staffing requirements. AzureHR provides a one-stop human resources service to cover a variety of recruitment needs including labor screening, vocational training, labor identity processing, work permit and visa applications, professional certification guidance, landing settlement services and immigration services. By partnering with AzureHR, advancing your business and solving your staffing needs is easy.


Advantages of Hiring Foreign Workers

Recent research studies say hiring foreign workers has more benefits than those from the local market. With some sectors in Canada beginning to feel the strain of unskilled workers, many companies have turned to overseas employment to fill the growing gap. Below are some benefits to why foreign works are a benefit to companies.

Overseas Workers Are Properly Trained

Many gaps in the local market comes from lack of Education in specific fields. With the cost of Education on the rise many young workers choose to training in fields that require certification (such as a programming language) rather than a formal Education. There are many overseas workers that have a formal Education, job training and skills required by Canadian Employers. Many companies are exploring the benefits of overseas workers.

Diversity and Rising to the Challenge

Fresh ideas, innovation and out side the box thinking is exactly what overseas workers bring with them. International workers are ambitious and motivated and are already outside their comfort zone, many bring new ideas or creative solutions to problems the company is facing. Because foreign workers are flexible and tend to think outside the box this boosts productivity and in the long-term increase profit for the company.

Diversity and Rising to the Challenge

Overseas workers bring a great deal of new experiences with them because they are exposed to both countries and their working conditions. Having a diverse culture in your company will assist local talent in adapting and understanding how to approach challenges in new creative ways, this increase productivity and pushes boundaries of individuals within the company to excel and achieve better results.

Grateful for Employment

In some foreign country's employment can be a challenge to obtain, even with those that are highly skilled. Companies can receive over 4,000 candidates for an opening where only 1 position is available. Overseas workers are always grateful for employment and they are less likely to have issues with absenteeism and are more productive than their local counterpart. They are easier on the pocket as they require less training and initial investment.

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