What We Offer

Local Recruitment

Need help with finding top talent? AzureHR can help! As a full-service firm, we assist companies across all industry sectors to help you attract, engage and hire the best talent for your business. From permanent to temporary staffing and junior/entry-level to executive roles, we got it all! Our specialized recruiters provide in-depth screening and one-on-one interviews with our network of local professionals to source the best candidate for you.

International Recruitment

Not enough local talents to fill your market needs?  Look no further. AzureHR’s network of international candidates from various countries can help resolve your staffing requirements. We are a one-stop HR service that covers all recruitment needs compliant Canadian labour laws.  Our services include screening, vocational training, labour identity process, work permit and visa applications, professional certification guidance, landing settlement services and immigration services.  One great benefit of hiring properly trained and highly skilled overseas workers is their dedication and in the long-term, lower turn-over rate for your company.

HR Consulting

We offer 21 different HR services that begin with basic payroll and recruitment through to complicated mediation and conflict management.  What differentiates our services from other HR consulting companies is that we focus not only on finding the best people for our clients but also help in retaining that talent. We achieve this by utilizing the expertise of our HR Consulting Team who look at the business as a whole and not just through the lens of HR.