Canature Processing LTD

Private label pet food manufacturer

Company Detail

Located in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, Canature Processing Ltd. is a forward thinking company using top quality innovative technology.  We utilize state-of-the-art freeze-drying techniques to manufacture top quality freeze-dried products to serve the pet food market.

Our main businesses

Our main businesses are freeze-dried pet foods & treat manufacturing and processing, product R&D, as well as other freeze-drying related value-added services.   We also conduct joint product development to fulfill the diverse requirements of our customers and partners.




Freeze Dried Product Line

  • Freeze Dried Functional Pet Food & Treat
  • Freeze Dried pure protein pet treat
  • Freeze Dried pure protein ingredients integrated with pet food kibble
  • Freeze Dried mixed protein as well as fruit and vegetables pet dinner& meal

Service List

  • Private label production
  • Toll processing
  • Joint innovation and product development
  • Raw materials purchasing
  • Preparation cutting and dicing
  • Quality Testing
  • Packaging design
  • Retail packaging

Food Ingredients


  • Freeze Dried Beef/beef liver/lung
  • Freeze Dried beef liver plus (veges & fruit) mixture.


  • Freeze Dried Chicken
  • Freeze Dried Turkey
  • Freeze Dried Duck


  • Freeze Dried Cod
  • Freeze Dried Salmon
  • Freeze Dried Whitefish



Our Capacity

2x50sqm chambers
1200 lb dried product per day
Freeze dry 600 tons frozen materials annually
Pre-processing line: mixing(formula), dicing, and loading
Post-processing line: screening, metal detection, bulk packaging, and bag packaging
In-house physical, chemical, and microbial LAB