About Us

About AzureHR

AzureHR Services Inc. was established in 2017 as One-Stop Services Provider for Human Resource Management (HRM) for organizations of all sizes. We believe that every employer has a unique strategy for human resource management. We know that every candidate has his/her core values and competencies. It is our job to bring the employer and candidate together to make sure that the sum of the whole is always greater than the individual parts. We do not simply send resumes to employers, we bring the most important factors into play. We take the time to fully understand the needs and desires of everyone concerned in the hiring process.
The most important thing for us is to carefully listen to our clients and candidates, to fully understand their core culture, values, and desires. Until we have a solid understanding of who and what you are, either client or candidate, we do not act. We offer total solutions for employers. These include, but are not limited to, Human Resource Planning, Recruitment, Training, Performance Appraisal, and Operation Management.
Innovation and Professionalism are our core values. AzureHR’s professional team are from diversified industries and backgrounds, but we all share these core values. With a deeper understanding of clients’ business, we can select the best candidates out of a mass of candidate profiles in our database, in the shortest time.
Our Vision (Our Ultimate Goal)

Our Vision (Our Ultimate Goal)

To change the perception of modern-day recruitment by devoting ourselves to the mutual happiness of our clients, candidates, and staff.
Our Mission (How We Plan To Achieve Our Vision)

Our Mission (How We Plan To Achieve Our Vision)

Together we communicate on a personal level listening to the individual needs of our clients, our candidates, and our staff, while always trying to provide a choice of solutions.
We deliver on the promises we make. Building trust & building fans, one client and one candidate at a time. If there is an opportunity to over-deliver, we do.
We strive to create a tailored, transparent recruitment experience that promotes honest feedback and continual improvement.
Our Values (How We Feel About What We Do)

Our Values (How We Feel About What We Do)

Excellence: We will always deliver on the promises we make while working to the highest quality standards. We do not promise what we cannot deliver. We will over-deliver whenever possible.
Integrity: We demonstrate complete integrity, upholding honesty and strong moral principles. We do not compromise the truth.
Passion: We are passionate about recruitment. We show enthusiasm, energy and an understanding of the needs of our clients and candidates.
Respect: We treat our clients, candidates and each other with mutual respect and sensitivity while embracing our individual diversity.
Clarity: We ensure clear communication in everything we do. We encourage the open exchange of ideas, opinions, and views related to the business.
Accountability: We accept responsibility for our actions. We use experience and good judgment to support the business.
Community: We support each other as a community, caring for each other personally and professionally. We are loyal to ourselves and our business partners.

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