Soft skills explained!

What are soft skills?

Hard skills are skills that people gain through education, training, programs and certificates. They are types of skills that can be easily defined and evaluate. They are always associated with the persons field of industry – for example a carpenter’s skill level would be based on their woodwork.

Soft skills are people focused, interpersonal skills. These are transferable skills, that are not typically associated with a certain job, and are much harder to define and evaluate. These skills are usually focused are an individual’s personality traits and their personal attributes and attitudes.

Why are they are so important to managers when hiring staff?

In every job, no matter what the field, you are expected to be able to interact with those working around you. Having the skill set that enables you to engage with others comfortably is something that is essential in today’s working environment. These transferable skills show employers you can adapt to any situation. Soft skills take time to acquire, therefore individuals with these skills are viewed as experienced people with broad backgrounds.

Examples of Soft Skills


Time management






Problem solving

Work ethic

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