Tidy up your Social Media!



Nowadays hiring managers check your social media platforms in order to get a basic idea about who you are and what you do before you set foot in the interviewing room. It is so important to clean up your social media profiles to create a responsible image of yourself.



This is for sure the most important tip for all your social media profiles. Keep your profiles on private so that only the friends you have accepted can view your content – this goes for channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat etc. The privacy settings will help you control the people that can view your activity by preventing random people gaining access to your personal profile.

 If recruiters or potential managers are searching your profile, keeping it on private will allow them to only see your basic information such as profile photo and location. It also prevents them stumbling across some other things that may affect the hiring process further down the line.



Facebook is a platform that can give a substantial insight into your life with the click of a couple of buttons. It is very important to regulate what you post on this site and what other people are posting about you. Take some time to go through your tagged and uploaded photos and be sure to delete anything inappropriate. Facebook now has a setting where you can screen what posts and photos others are tagging you in before anything is uploaded to your profile.

If you are connected online with work colleagues and management take extra care as to what pages you follow and the activity you engage in, as this will also be visible to them too.


Show your personality

While it is important to screen your social media platforms, this does not mean you have to completely hide your personality. Be yourself and post about your interests and hobbies; just make sure it is appropriate in case a recruiter comes across your account or you connect with your boss in the future. On platforms such as LinkedIn that advertise your career experience it is crucial you demonstrate your personality in a professional way.


Deactivate older accounts

Be sure to delete any accounts you no longer use. Many of us have older accounts from years ago on several platforms where we decided to create new ones instead of changing the original. Chances are the content on these pages aren’t screened as well as our current pages. When someone you do not know is searching for your profile, who are they to know which page they should be looking at?

It is best to be prepared and confident that your social media platforms will not negatively affect your career now or in the future.

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