Build your Network: Optimize your LinkedIn Profile


Photo & Headline

Your LinkedIn profile photo should look clear, professional and friendly. Your photo gives you the opportunity to showcase your energy, passion and personality straight away. Most people are subconsciously visual, and your aim is to catch the attention of potential recruiters as they scan through their search bar.

This goes for your headline too. You want to use this to catch recruiters’ attention. Your headline does not always have to be your job title or description, as it can also be a headline that will promote your specialty and set you apart from others.


Complete every section

It is very important to put the time and effort in to fully complete your profile. The more time you invest in your profile, the more attractive your profile looks from a hiring perspective. Think of your profile as an advertisement for yourself and your career. Let people know your skills, background, employment history, achievements and accomplishments. LinkedIn itself will measure the ‘completeness’ of your profile to help you with the process.


Key Words & Skills

Key words help people find your LinkedIn profile in their search results. Recruiters that are looking for a specific position will search the key words associated with this in order to find the best matched candidates. For your profile to appear top of the crowd, you need to utilize this to your advantage. The headline and summary will be responsible for display most of your key words but a tip to increase them is to use the ‘Skills’ section on your profile. Any talents or abilities you did not get to mention in the rest of your profile, be sure to state them as some of your skills to help boost your profile even further.



Make use of simple but effective effects such as bullet points and symbols to create an easy to read and eye-catching summary. LinkedIn allows you to add videos, photos, slideshows and images to engage with your network. Create an interactive profile to communicate with your current connections and encourage others to connect with you too.


Get endorsements

Endorsements allow you connections to validate the skills you have posted on your profile. It is an effective way to showcase your skills to your friends, colleagues and potential recruiters by having another individual be an advocate for your abilities.


Showcase achievements

LinkedIn is the perfect place to showcase your previous accomplishments. These can range from work projects to awards to certificates, or even any volunteering work you have been involved with. This is a section to show your interests, passions and achievements and how hard you have worked for them. You can also include things like personal or work blogs – all are aspects which will allow people to get more familiar with you through your profile.



Once you have your profile layout altered to its maximum potential it is time to network. Building your connections on LinkedIn is one of the most crucial things of LinkedIn. Recruiters will visit your page and check your connections first to get an idea of how confident you are with reaching out to people and communicating with others.

One of the top tricks to grow your connections is to join groups. This will expose you to many different people that share the same types of jobs, interests and passions as you. You then can engage with them and interact directly through the group and work on your network from there. Groups are also great means to search for open job opportunities and allow you to reach out instead of waiting on the recruiters to contact you!

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