First day at a New Job!


We have put together some of our top tips and best advice to help you achieve a successful first day at your new job!


Morning Routine

Start the day off on the right foot and create a morning routine straight away. Wake early, have breakfast, go for a walk or exercise. Plan out your travel route and give yourself enough time to travel to your new workplace without rushing. Keeping this same routine every day will keep you organized, less stressed and ready to take on the day ahead.



Time Management

On your first morning commute to work, be mindful of possible delays that may cause you to be late. Allow enough time to arrive early so that you make a good first impression. You should never leave early on your first day. Always take the time to wrap up your tasks properly, report to your manager when finished and ask if you are needed to hang around and finish anything off. Rushing out the door on your first day gives the impression that you are not committed to your new position.


Smile and be professional

Introduce yourself to your new co-workers and ensure you are always friendly and professional. You will have plenty of new people to meet so it is important to maintain a friendly demeanor. Give a firm handshake, a smile and strike up a conversation. You many need a helping hand from many of these people as you settle in so a pleasant first encounter will work to your advantage.


Listen and ask questions

During your first day at a new job you will be expected to take on a lot of new information. It is the perfect opportunity to show that you can listen, adjust to feedback, adapt and act accordingly. If you do not understand, ask questions. People will not expect you to know everything on your first day, but asking questions as you go will help you build knowledge and get to know how things work in the office.


Find out who you will be working with the most

Use your first day to figure out which department everyone works in, and find out who you will be working close by with in the company. Make an extra effort with your team, as getting off on the right foot can help set the tone for your future in the job. The people you encounter on your first day could still be working with you in years to come so it is important to build good relationships from the start.



Accept any invite

Usually when there are new people starting in the office, managers will organize lunches or meetings for everyone to attend so as everyone can get to know each other. Always accept any offer you receive as this will help build relationships with both your manager and co-workers.  Going for lunch is a great opportunity to get to know people in a more casual setting and possibly get more of an insight into their office culture.



Most importantly – Be yourself

It is important to be yourself on your first day as sometimes the urge to impress everyone can lead you off track. Keeping up appearances in work may only add stress to your work life as these are the people that you will be working with every day for the foreseeable future. Allow yourself to relax and remember you are already hired so be confident in yourself and your abilities!

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