Second Round Interview: Control the Outcome



Many companies have a multiple interview process to decide if the candidate is suitable for their company. The first-round interview is usually a screening process to determine whether the person is qualified for the position. They are then referred to a second round of interviews which will be a more in-depth process.


Second interviews typically involve questions surrounding the candidate’s aptitude and ability to perform for the company, and they also give the candidate the chance to learn more about the role and responsibilities involved.


Here some steps we believe are important to include in your second interview.


What is the role of the job position? Are there other roles I will be involved in?

Inquire about what would be expected of you in this role in further detail than you have discussed in the previous interview. It is always good to get an idea of the past career path of the position to see if there are any projects or specific duties you are expected to fulfill. Often there can be work from a previous employee that you may have to close or pick up on when you start.

Asking if there are any other aspects of the business that you could be involved in is also important. This will help you gather a complete understanding as to how much you are expected to do outside of the job description.  It opens opportunities for you to commit to working in other fields within the company to expand your own experience.


What do you think is necessary to succeed in the position?

Question the interviewer about what they expect of the person working this position. Find out what qualities and skills they believe to be best suited to the position. This will give you an idea of the expectations they hold, and whether you are suited to their objective. It is a chance for you to gather a full understanding of the role and relay to the interviewer that you believe your attributes make you perfect for the position.


Is there anything else you need from me?

This kind of question is clever to ask as the interview draws to a close. This gives you the opportunity to showcase some of your work such as projects or portfolios that the hiring manager may have not had a chance to ask you about.

It is also an opportunity for you both to discuss references, certificates for certain qualifications or a notice period for your current employment. This shows that you are open to helping the hiring manager in their process and that you are enthusiastic about the position and committed to the application.



This is always an important step to take after your second or final round interview. The goal is to let them know that you wish to work for their company, but in a professional and non-demanding way. Send an email to the interviewer to thank them for their time and make it clear you want the job and that you hope to hear from them soon.

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