Closing Skills for an Interview

Here are examples of questions to ask at the end of an interview in order to get you to the next hiring step.


Learn the process

Ask the employer what their usual process is, as many companies differ in their follow up steps. It could be an email, a phone call, a reference check or a second interview. It is best to clarify this so you are already prepared for the next step before you leave the interview.

Discover the timeline

Figuring out when they plan to be in touch with you will give you an idea of their general schedule. This will save you from unnecessarily contacting them regarding the position too soon, which can come across as too aggressive especially if they are still conducting interviews with other candidates.

Reaching your contact

Check with your interviewer what is the best way to contact them should you need to. A phone number is the ideal means of contact if you have any questions or would like to follow up on the interview, but email is good also. Asking the interviewer this will give them a chance to give you details of the next person you will be in contact with, if they are not taking over the next stage of the recruitment.

Following Up

Discover when is an acceptable time for you to get back in touch. This answer gives you permission to contact them should they miss the deadline they have given you. If they give you a deadline date, it is usually polite to wait around 2 days before you contact them, because usually these interview processes can run later than expected. Contacting and following up too early can work against your favor – you want to show that you are interested but not too pushy.

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