Know your competitors in the industry!


Knowing your competitor in the industry

Showing you have knowledge of the competitive market of the industry you have applied for will stand as an advantage when it comes down to the hiring process.



  • It is important to know the strengths, weaknesses and positioning of your competitor in the market to use as an advantage. Most likely, the company you are interviewing with have already done this research, but it will show them your enthusiasm in the industry market. This will impress an interviewer as it shows you can be of value to them if you are already open to conducting such research before you have been granted employment.


  • Reveal opportunities by determining what types of customers and market your potential competitors are targeting. This will reveal some openings that can be targeted and gives you the chance to put forward some ideas.


  • Knowing what competitors offer can put you at an advantage as it enables you to make your own products, services or marketing stand out.


  • Identifying the competitive landscape of the industry and the competitors of the company will also give you the chance to point out the advantages that your potential employer company holds over the market. 
  • Use your research into the track record of the company’s industry experience, technical advances and market trends to express your interest as to why the company is the one you wish to work for.

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