Impression Management – What to do when meeting someone new


When you only have a few seconds to make your first impression count, it can be quite daunting! Luckily, we have plenty of advice on what to do when meeting somebody for the first time. Following these simple tips will ensure your first encounter with someone makes a lasting impression, for all the right reasons.


Body Language 

Body language is one of the most important factors to get on point. It is the first thing that people will register when meeting you for the first time. Ensure you have a confident and relaxed posture – avoid crossed arms or any nervous habits or ticks that will come across as though you are lacking self-confidence.


Handshake and Introduction 

Your handshake is often your first connection with someone. In a meeting or interview it is the handshake that sets the tone. It must be strong and firm – use it as an opportunity to represent your potential abilities and convey confidence. Your introduction must go with your handshake, keep it short and sweet and don’t forget to smile!


Facial expression

This ties in closely with body language. Make an effort to smile when you meet someone new. When they are speaking to you, you want them to think you are friendly and approachable. If you look bored and disinterested, this gives off the wrong impression and people will be reluctant to interact with you in the future.


Eye Contact

Proper eye contact is essential during first encounters, especially for interviews and meetings. It is important for people to feel appreciated and that you are curious in their conversation. Inability to make eye contact when speaking and listening to people may come across as though you are uncomfortable and inattentive.


Personal Appearance

Our previous article on dress code and dressing for the occasion will have an in-depth discussion on how to plan your attire. Always ensure wear clean, wrinkle-free clothes suitable for the office you are interviewing for. Tidy hair and smart shoes are a must as you are showing that you can present yourself appropriately.



Be open, confident and positive. People are attracted to good energy so be yourself and let your personality shine through!


For meetings and interviews especially there are some other factors that are essential in making the best first impression.


Time Management

Always make sure you are on time. Arrive earlier if possible as it gives the impression that you are prepared and eager to get started. Arriving late and making people wait will upset their daily routine in the office, which is never a good start!


Do your research

Come prepared and ensure you have all the information you need. Showcasing the knowledge you have about the company you are dealing with will reveal your interest and make a lasting impression.

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