Feeling low & slow? 4 Sales games to kick start the day!


Games allow us to convert our theoretical understanding of sales into practical application. Using creative activities to engage with your team is so important as it is a fun way to boost morale and allows them to further develop their sales skills. It gives individuals opportunities to work on certain areas of sales that may need some improvement, while doing so in an entertaining, low-pressure environment.


The fundamental purpose of these activities is to concentrate on the main components that are required in making a successful sale:

  • Understanding the audience & gathering relevant information
  • Identify problems/needs
  • Describing features and benefits of a product or service
  • Closing the deal


Here are a few short, effective sales games and activities that you can try in the office to develop sales skills with your team!


-Delivering persuasive sales for a generic product

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but the reason it has stuck around for so long is because of how simple and effective it is! The aim of this game is to challenge individuals to find unique features in their selected product and put their sales skills to the test.

 Place pieces of paper containing names of various generic products into a hat and divide into pairs, where one person is the seller and one is the customer. The seller draws a piece of paper from the hat and their job is to use their creativity and quick thinking to create a need for the product and sell it to their partner.


-Sales Stamina

The objective of this game is to learn how to develop an endless amount of advantages associated with an item. The aim is to use quick thinking to not run out of benefits, and to up-sell your product in a pressured situation.

This can be done as a group activity. Gather together and choose an object or service to describe. Everyone takes turns in calling out an advantage until someone runs out of ideas. They are then knocked out and the game continues around the room until the last person is left standing, which makes them the winner!


-Ask or Tell?

The idea behind this game is to discover the importance or recognizing customer needs before diving into a sales pitch. Many customers may view their need for a product to be different from the next, so it is crucial to be aware of how the product or service you are selling is beneficial to a potential customer.

Find a partner and decide who will take the role as a seller and the other a customer. The sellers must sell an item in the room to their partner. The customer must note if the seller is identifying their specific needs or just pushing their sales strategy without determining their audience first. Keep it fast-paced and swap positions so both parties are selling and buying. Make sure to exchange notes on each other’s experience as the customer at the end to help each other improve their selling skills!


-The Detective

This is a quick and easy way to ensure your team’s research skills are efficient and satisfactory. When dealing with a client or potential customer, it is essential to gather as much relevant information as you can before a call. Identifying your audience is key to making and closing a sale. Without research, you may appear selfish by showing little investment in the client you are dealing with!

Everyone on the sales team gets their own client for the purpose of the game. This can be a celebrity, CEO’s of competitor companies, potential clients or successful business owners. Set the clock to a 10-minute timer to allow everyone to research their clients. All players must gather as much relevant information as possible. The person with the best relative information will win– this can be made more interesting by setting a small prize for the winner!

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