Self-Motivation: If you don’t motivate yourself, who will?


‘Your vibe attracts your tribe’

Surround yourself with positive people both inside and outside your office environment. The company you associate with has a major influence on your motivation and positivism. We all need people to support us in reaching our goals, because when we are surrounded by positive attitudes, it is much easier to find our own drive for ambition that we need to stay motivated.


Knowledge is Power

Seize any opportunity you get to continue learning and expand your knowledge base. Often people struggle with motivation when they are faced with a task or project that they feel is too complex for their abilities. Read, research and improve your education around certain topics that may intimidate you or that differ from your field of work.  Learning new things boosts brain power, helps improve memory and preserves mental sharpness – which are only some advantages that will help spur your motivation and a positive attitude towards work.


Stay Positive – See the good in the bad

Positive mental attitude is a concept that is incredibly powerful. Change the way you view the world and train your mind to see the good in every situation. If you focus your mind on your goals and stay confident that you will accomplish them, you will learn how to overcome any issues you encounter along the way, simply by turning each problem into a learning curve.


Track your progress

If you are lacking motivation, keeping track of the work you are doing to reach a certain goal lets you see how far you have come. Put it all on paper – track your progress, plan and manage your time, stay focused on the bigger picture. Reflecting on all you have accomplished to get to where you are can be a major encouragement to power through the slump and restore your self-motivation.


Track your mood  

 Getting familiar with the times when you struggle the most with motivation can be a simple way of overcoming that lack of inspiration. You may not be aware that certain emotions and events are affecting you during your working day. By knowing how they influence you, it will allow you to work around the negatives and develop a plan to focus on the positive things and work to your full potential.


Believe in yourself!

Never underestimate the power of self-belief. Most of us are conditioned to doubt ourselves, but to live a life full of achievement, you must fully believe in your abilities. Visualize your successes and you will naturally become more motivated to reach your goals!

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