How to make your workplace really your ‘second home’

Life is short – make your workplace awesome!

Pump up the volume

What better way to start the day than with an energetic playlist of your favorite songs? Boost your motivation for the day with this simple yet effective idea. Get in the zone and be the attitude you want to be surrounded by in your workplace!

Healthy Competition

Simple games between co-workers will help boost morale and friendship between co-workers. There is nothing wrong with some healthy competition – race against each other in a bet as to who can hit the most sales in a week or something as small as who can clear their inbox first.

Swap out your chair

Put an end to those long days of back pain and stiffness on hard office chairs. Swap your chair for an exercise ball for only a few hours a day and notice an immediate difference in your mood. That extra movement will ease those aches and the bouncing has been proven among students to increase your productivity, so why not give it a try!

Go on those outings!

Taking advantage of group activities that your boss has organized for outside office hours will really have a positive effect on your work life. It is a fun way to keep everyone motivated and create opportunities for the team to work together in a different, less stressful environment outside of the workplace.

Fun outside the office

A little fun goes a long way at the office. Putting some extra effort into making friendships with the people you spend most of your week with will definitely make your workplace more enjoyable. Catch the bus together, arrange for you all to do a charity event or just head out for some after work drinks! Because building friendships will undoubtedly make work feel like a second home.

Compliment your co-workers

Acknowledge the hard work and effort that your co-workers are putting into their job. Compliment them on the report they have just published or recent successes. It is always great encouragement to know that your hard work is not going unnoticed.

Reward yourself! Be proud of your hard work!

Accomplished goals merit reward. All the work you have put in to get to where you are deserves to be recognized. Taking the time to sit back and reflect on your efforts will help maintain a positive attitude regarding work. Positive energy is contagious – circulate that positivism around the office and turn it into a happy place for all the team!

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