KPI in Human Resource Management


KPI is a widely used management tool at operation, supply chain, marketing and distribution, basic characters of KPI are: Simple, Measurable, Actionable, Timely and Visible


KPI is also used at HRM (Human Resource Management) now, one of the key factors of KPI in HRM is Average time for recruitment, it highly depends on the position and industry of the recruitment, the average is 2-7 weeks.


A long time of recruitment is an invisible cost to the employer, the vacancy of the position will decrease the whole productivity, hiring manager and supervisor will spend more time at searching and interviewing, the training cost will become higher as well.


To shorten the recruitment time, multiplies channels of recruitment are necessary, one of the channels is to hire professional recruiting agency to help hiring managers, the mass database of diversified professionals enables the recruiting agency can recommend the qualified candidates rapidly to the employers, it works especially well for the executive levels, special talent, and very urgent recruitment.


Good agencies not only work fast but also with a great cost saving for employers, they listen to hiring manager carefully before they start working, they spend much time to understand the employers’ culture, business, and strategy. Because of deep integration to the employers, the good agencies work as part of the function department of the employers, the synergy function will save a great cost at recruitment.

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