Continuous learning makes your career better

Continuous learning makes your career betterThe key for us, number one, has always been hiring very smart people.” Bill Gates

Continuous learning at least benefit for four aspects for your career development at update your knowledge, keep high motivation, enlarge you people’s networking and make your job safe.

From a Horse and Buggy to a High-Speed Train: Leveraging Technology to Increase Profitability and Enhance Services.

Continuous learning makes you be attractive at the job market. I remembered 20 years ago when I started my career as processing engineer, I loved the technical things and was fancy at the processing control model setup out of mass data, I learned how to figure out model by linear analytical mathematics at night school, after a few months study I figured out the primary processing control model, I shared this model with my colleagues and technicians networking. A few months later I received some headhunters’ call, whom I never expect to contact before.

Continuous study keeps your knowledge be updated, sustains your thinking sharpen, it helps you to work in high efficiency. According to an investigation in North America for the continuous learning impact on working efficiency, 96% of the reviewers said it did help them to improve their performance.

The better performance leads to you get appreciate from your colleagues and boss, it makes you feel happy and safe to work in the organization.

Today’s technology changes in the fastest way than ever before, the new technology improve people’s daily life, it also brings new challenges to every enterprise, employer and employee, the people have no choice but be with a consolidate mentality to continue learning, to implement the new knowledge, tools and methodology to their daily work, otherwise you are going to out of the game, it is just a matter to happen, sooner or later.

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