5 Suggestions for Newbies to Enhance your Workplace Competence

Employers want effective employees, regardless of the job position. Here are 5 methods for newbies to grow competence at work.


1. Strengthen your professional skills and maximize your learning ability

Learning skill is the source of all abilities. This world is changing rapidly, innovative businesses are emerging.

If you don’t learn, don’t update your knowledge, your workplace competitiveness is to be eliminated by the end. At the same time, if you only pay attention to the past, your vision is not high, and your pattern is never big enough.

People with strong learning ability can start more efficiently even if they change the industry.


2. Looking for a bigger platform to receive systematic vocational training

When people in the workplace enter the big company, it is like a child who has taken the best school.

Their thinking, their ideas, and the professionalism of doing things will have a significant influence on your future development.

The same newcomer in the workplace, if you go to a startup company as soon as you graduate, there is a good chance that you will lack the opportunity to cultivate a professional career.

Because most startups lack systematic vocational training, the business structure is relatively simple, even in the early days, they may like some workshops. Therefore, when employees come in, they often work hard, but they lack systematic training and a clear vision.


3. Improve execution and attention to detail capabilities

“Don’t put off till tomorrow what should be done today.”

Learn from the people you think are professional about how to do things, those who have strong executive power are those who are more self-disciplined. They know their biological clock very well, knowing when they are most energetic and when they need to adjust and rest. They have their routines and methods of working efficiently. Most critical, they know what results they want to achieve, what is important and what is less important.

Paying attention to detail increase the quality, differentiate you from others. Details determine your success or failure. Pay attention to the details, embody the cultivation of one person; be good at doing small things well and embody the connotation of one person.


4. Summarize your results and achievements in writing

The results that others cannot understand are not excellent results.

When you read a text or read a book, you must present it, post a microblog, write an article, or make a speech; At the end of a project, the result must be presented, and the process, achievements, highlights, deficiencies, experiences, lessons, and thinking should be clarified and shared.

For two or three years of work, all accumulations must be systemized, written, published, and shared.


5.Build a personal brand at work

Operating a good workplace reputation and brand is very important for an individual’s career development. It can enable people to gain long-term professional competitiveness, obtain considerable economic and reputational returns, and establish long-term career development goals.

After working for 2 or 3 years, it’s time to think about what’s your brand, how to build your brand, which is strongly influential to your future career development.

If you want to establish your brand, you should understand what your career path you want.

The personal brand in your organization – a good reputation is formed by one or two outstanding ability of you at your workplace.

The professional brand in your industry –  if you become a hot expert, you will become a hot brand in the industry, and you will never lose your job. You will become the darling of the workplace and the target of headhunting.

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