Four Common Myths for Job Hunting

Four common myths for job huntingWhen people find their jobs, sometimes they will listen to their friends’ advice; however, that advice is not helpful at all. There is a lot of misunderstanding about job searching in our daily life. I am going to talk about four myths that would hold people back.


Firstly, people are told in university that a resume should keep its length to one page. We were told that the HR staff won’t read the second page because he/she read dozens of resumes per day. Some people cut two pages to one that the resume lose a lot of important information. I would say the meaning of this saying means that we need to make our resume concisely rather than simply short because the interviewer will focus more attention on the important keywords.


Secondly, unsuccessful candidates always hear of that the company they applied for will keep their resumes on the top of the pile for next time. Sometimes, employers do not want to blow the job seekers’ self-confidence. This is just a way to say “no” nicely. When employers start recruiting again, they usually start from new appliers rather than going back to revisit those people that did not get hired last time.


Thirdly, a cover letter is not as important as a resume. It is often to see that job seeker only have resumes ready before they apply for jobs. Usually, a cover letter is more exclusively than a resume. One resume can be sent to many companies, but the cover letter is only for a specific company. A good cover letter includes the summary of a resume and the positions for which the job seeker wants to apply. It shows the understanding of the company and how qualified the job seeker is. Therefore, a good cover letter is way important than a resume.


Last but not least, western people do not introduce jobs through acquaintances as Chinese do. The real numbers of job positions are not the same amount of jobs opened to the public. Companies usually hire a person from an internal recommendation or the word–of–mouth. Currently, a company trusts the recommendation from people who have already worked in this company. Sometimes, it is more efficient to get a job from our friends or former coworkers. Therefore, setting up good social networking will be helpful for job hunting.


In summary, the above are four common myths of job searching. If a job seeker can avoid those misconceptions, they will find their dream jobs much more effectively and efficiently.

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